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  • Arc-200 Inverter DC Arc Welding MachineArc-200 inverter DC arc welding machine uses voltaic arc as heat source to weld. You should operate the welding rod by hand and adopt shielded metal arc welding to weld by this product. And the diameter of welding rod is 1.6-4mm. Our product is suitable for constructional engineering, house decoration and industrial processing and manufacturing.
  • TIG-200 Inverter DC TIG Welding MachineTIG-200 Inverter DC TIG welding machine adopts advanced IGBT control system. So it has good controllable performance. It is good-quality general carbon steel welding equipment. It has strong welding penetration and the surface of welding is smooth and neat. It can weld carbon steel, stainless steel, cuprum, titanium steel, etc. The thickness of the sheet material should be 0.5-3mm. It is used for processing of the stainless steel ...