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About Us

Wuxi Jinggong Welding Equipment Co., Ltd. is a highly specialized welding equipment manufacturer in China. Our primary welding machines are submerged arc welding machine, TIG welder, and inverter gas shield welding machines. The company is located in the hinterland of Yangtze River Delta. Founded in 1998, our company moved its operations to a more appropriate factory building in 2008.

We hold regular training and technical appraisal for our employees, and most of them have over five years of experience. We utilize modern enterprise management concepts and cases to reinforce our management infrastructure. This includes quality control as well as marketing management and services. We retain high standards that are typical for an industrialized plant. Top-ranking electrified production equipment, advanced digital electronic detection system, and leading automation lines are good examples of how we ensure the quality of our products. Our company has earned the ISO9001 quality management system certificate, and our welding equipment, air plasma cutter and CNC flame cutting machine have achieved CCC and CE approval.

With a diverse catalogue and superior product performance, we have slowly gained recognition in both domestic and overseas markets. We have established sales and service outlets in over 100 large and medium-sized cities. We will provide reliable and efficient welding solutions that you can depend on.

You can learn more about our products by purchasing our sample, note that all transport expenses are billed on the client side. We are equipped to handle OEM orders. You may put forward design requirements or custom specifications, after deliberating, our technicians will then provide you with an overall plan for production. When both sides have reached an agreement, we will proceed with production. The total ETA is approximately 15 days, from the commissioning date to delivery date. We will include wearing parts with the shipment. When the first batch of wearing parts has been exhausted, you may purchase more from our company. Our submerged arc welding equipment, TIG welding machine, and inverter gas shield welders come with a one year warranty. Under warranty conditions, we offer clients repair parts and technical support. If partial products were purchased, we can provide on-site installation and training.

Main Products
  • Arc-200 Inverter DC Arc Welding MachineArc-200 inverter DC arc welding machine uses voltaic arc as heat source to weld. You should operate the welding rod by hand and adopt shielded metal arc welding to weld by this product. And the diameter of welding rod is 1.6-4mm. Our product is suitable for constructional engineering, house decoration and industrial processing and manufacturing.
  • TIG-200 Inverter DC TIG Welding MachineTIG-200 Inverter DC TIG welding machine adopts advanced IGBT control system. So it has good controllable performance. It is good-quality general carbon steel welding equipment. It has strong welding penetration and the surface of welding is smooth and neat. It can weld carbon steel, stainless steel, cuprum, titanium steel, etc. The thickness of the sheet material should be 0.5-3mm. It is used for processing of the stainless steel ...