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Inverter Air Plasma Cutter

CUT-60 inverter air plasma cutter, compared with carbon steel cutting machine, has the advantages of light weight and low cost. Open circuit voltage is 260 V and rated load voltage is 104V when power output is not connected to load. For design of the control panel, tilt is adopted so it is easy to view the parameters and operation. The range of current is from 20 to 60A and seesaw type of switch is used to control gas detection and cutting operation.

Detailed Specifications
Model No.: CUT-60
Rated input voltage: Three-phase 380V±10%
No-load voltage: 260 V
Current welding range: 20-60 A
Rated input power: 8.0 KVA
Rated input current: 12.0 A
Rated output current: 60 A
Rated load voltage: 104 V
Duty cycle: 60%
Incise the thickness biggest: ≤18mm
Incise the thickness best: ≤15mm
N.W.: 27kg
Dimension (L×W×H): 520×260×520mm

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