Inverter DC 3-in-1 Arc Welding Machine

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Inverter DC 3-in-1 Arc Welding Machine

Inverter DC 3-in-1 arc welding machine has the function of carbon arc gouging and it also can be as DC manual welding. Designed with advanced PWM technology, the machine has fast dynamic response and inverter frequency can reach up to 20 KHz. For features of this product, it has soft-start for current impact, over-current and overheat protection and every machine has been processed with rigorous three proofing, EMC treatment before leaving the factory. With big power, energy efficient, compact and easy to wire, it can be extensively used in construction sites.

Detailed Specifications
Model No.: ARC-500-3
Rated input voltage: Three-phase380V±10%
Current welding range: 20-500A
Thrust welding range: 1-10A
Rated output current: 500A
Rated input current: 37.5A
Rated input power:25KVA
No-load voltage: 75V
Rated load voltage: 40V
Duty cycle:60%
N.W.: 95kg
Dimension (L×W×H): 870×420×1100mm

Jing Gong Welding is a specialized inverter DC 3-in-1 arc welding machine manufacturer and supplier in China. Our company also provides inverter double voltage DC arc welding machine, welding rotator, inverter DC arc welding machine, and more.

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