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  • General Inverter DC TIG Welding MachineGeneral inverter DC TIG welding machine adopts IGBT inverter DC technique. This series has four model, they are TIG-160, TIG-200, TIG-250 and TIG-300. The number after the "Arc" of the product name means maximum output current. Its structure is compact, it is light and small. So it is easy to move. It can bring you high work efficiency. And because of its perfect panel design, you can communicate with the machine conveniently.
  • Industrial TIG Welding MachineWe can provide you with 6 models of industrial TIG welding machine. This series machine is generally greater than the civilian level models at dimension and weight. In order to improve its removability capacity, we set two handles on the top and four trundles in the bottom of the machine. The welding thickness of the plate is 0.5-10mm.

The inverter DC TIG welding machine can be divided into general level and industrial level. There are total ten models. This machine makes use of tungsten electrode welding in the argon atmosphere. So it is also known as tungsten inert gas welding machine.

The inverter DC TIG welding machine uses IGBT advanced technology. It is more energy-saving than traditional SCR welding machine. You can use it for MMA or TIG welding. And it can control the start and end of arc automatically and ensure the stability of arc. It can weld almost all industrial metals and alloys, including the thin sheet of mild-steel, aluminum, stainless steel, copper and copper alloy, titanium. The thickness of the sheet should be 0.5-10mm. The duty cycle of this series product can reach to 60%. And the argon gas can protect the thin sheet from oxidizing.

In order to ensure your safety, please prepare the fire protection equipment at your welding work place. The inflammable articles should be more than 5m away from welding place. And the explosive goods shouldn't be less than 10m away. Keep good ventilation can reduce the hazards of harmful gases and metal dust.

As a specialized inverter DC TIG welding machine manufacturer based in China, Jing Gong Welding also offers industrial TIG welding machine, inverter AC/DC pulse TIG welding machine, portable CNC flame plasma cutting machine and more.

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  • Industrial Inverter DC Pulse TIG WelderIndustrial inverter DC pulse TIG welder is provided by our company to domestic and foreign clients, there are three machines of this series, WSM-315, WSM-400 and WSM-500. All of them are designed with PWM and PFM technologies, making the operating current output more stable. Meanwhile, a lot of control knobs are integrated on the front panel of the products, apart from the function of adjustment of current up /down slope time ...