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  • Welding PositionerThere are many features of welding positioner. Firstly, it can be used for welding operation of a variety of rotation workpieces such as shaft, disc and cylinder. The table is engraved with uniformly distributed positioning lines and a number of T- grooves, making various positioning and clamping more easily. Secondly, speed of flip of bench is steplessly adjusted so it has the characteristics of wide speed range and smooth running.
  • Welding RotatorWelding rotator, for welding, polishing, rubber lining and assembly welding of cylindrical tube, is extensively used in wind power, pressure vessel, petrochemical, pipeline, steel structure, boiler, shipbuilding, welding repair industry. There are many types of welding rotators, such as self-tuning, adjustable, flat car type, tilt and anti-axial movement. Self-tuning type can regulate itself by sizes of cylinder and adjustable type ...
  • Auto Welding ManipulatorThere are many types of auto welding manipulator for customers to choose and many functions like welding method, tracking, monitoring, flux recovery transmission can be tailored for customers' needs. As well as that, this machine can be used together with welding rotator and automatic arc welding machine to form an automatic welding center. At the same time, auto welding manipulator can also be used together ...

There are three different kinds of special welding equipment provided for domestic and foreign clients and they are welding positioner, welding rotator and auto welding manipulator. And these excellent machines can bring convenience to your operation and increase your efficiency.

Our welding positioner is applicable to welding operation of a variety of rotation workpieces such as shaft, disc and cylinder. Seat structure is adopted in body design so the machine is easy to move. This machine resolves problems in difficult welding operations such as vertical position welding and overhead position welding, ensuring quality of welding and increase safety in manufacturing.

Welding rotator is applicable to welding of circumferential seam and longitudinal seam inside and outside of the cylinder type workpiece. No filler material is needed in the welding process, but pressure is applied and this machine is controlled by AC variable-frequency drive, so welding process is simplified and sanitation is increased.

Auto welding manipulator is composed of operating device, control device, power source device and process protection device. This machine is controlled by AC variable-frequency drive and it can be adjusted by stepless regulation. As well as that, there is digital display of speed and it can be pre-set.

As a China-based special welding equipment manufacturer and supplier, Jing Gong Welding offers a broad range of products that includes welding rotator, inverter double voltage DC arc welding machine, inverter DC TIG welding machine, and more.

Other Products
  • General Level Inverter DC Arc Welding MachineGeneral level inverter DC arc welding machine uses switching power inverter technology, which improves the transfer efficiency of power supply. It is light and small, so you can carry it conveniently. Our product has well arc performance and anti-jamming capability. It employs advanced circuit design, so the welding arc is neat and quality. This machine can protect automatically if over-voltage or over-current.
  • Industrial Inverter DC Arc Welding MachineThis series of products has a total of seven models. They all make use of non-consumable electrode welding. There are a digital play of the welding current meter, a current knob and a arc force knob on the control panel, so this series of machines have the character of accurate and convenient regulation. The industrial inverter DC arc welding machine can be widely used for welding in chemical industry, automotive industry, shipbuilding, boiler making, aerospace industry, industrial installation and fieldwork.