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  • Portable CNC Flame Plasma Cutting MachineThere are a variety of features of portable CNC flame plasma cutting machine. Firstly, because of small occupying area, easy to move and use, low cost, high level of automation, high reliability, easy operation and maintenance, this product can be used individually or in bulk to cut any shape parts. Secondly, special-designed integrated high-strength aluminum alloy material and internal strengthened structure ...
  • CNC Flame Plasma Cutting MachineCNC flame plasma cutting machine, as the latest outstanding model launched by our company, has excellent structure. To be more specific, box beam welding structure design is adopted in cross beam and driving end beam so this machine has compact structure, beautiful appearance, rigid strength, small inertia after processed with stress elimination treatment. As well as that, there are a couple of options of control ...

CNC flame cutting machine can be used for flame and plasma cutting of metals with various shapes. As an enterprise specializing in manufacturing and marketing of stainless steel cutting machine and carbon steel cutter, our company can offer two series of CNC flame cutting machine, 9 models to meet customers' needs.

For portable CNC flame plasma cutting machine, because of small occupied area, easy to move and operate, it can work perfectly in room. Another type of CNC flame cutting machine is CNC flame plasma cutting machine. For structure of this machine, box beam welding structure design is adopted in cross beam so this machine has rigid strength and smooth operation. As well as that, various types of advanced numerical control systems are introduced and effective cutting area can reach 70 square meters.

There are many characteristics of CNC flame cutting machine. Firstly, it has multi-functionality, high degree of automation, high precision cutting and dynamic stability. Secondly, the key components, CNC system, servo system and transmission system are all from internationally renowned and qualified brands of USA. As well as that, with user-friendly man-machine interface, convenient operation and strong supporting software, this product is the best choice for you.

As a professional CNC flame cutting machine manufacturer in China, we also provide inverter air plasma cutter, industrial TIG welding machine, inverter double voltage DC arc welding machine, and more.

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