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CNC Flame Plasma Cutting Machine

With the ability to meet the requirements of precision cut and automatically cut different shapes for a variety of metal materials, CNC flame plasma cutting machine is applicable to many industries.

CNC flame plasma cutting machine, as the latest outstanding model launched by our company, has excellent structure. To be more specific, box beam welding structure design is adopted in cross beam and driving end beam so this machine has compact structure, beautiful appearance, rigid strength, small inertia after processed with stress elimination treatment. As well as that, there are a couple of options of control systems for customers to choose, SH2200 with s high price to performance ratio, FAGOR8035 with stability and reliability and classy EDGE Pro controller. Besides that, automatic ignition and automatic adjustment are equipped with CNC flame plasma cutting machine which is the perfect embodiment of the intelligent automation of our product.

Detailed Specifications
Model CNC3000 CNC4000 CNC5000 CNC6000 CNC8000
Drive type Single drive Double drive
Track gap 3000mm 4000mm 5000mm 6000mm 8000mm
Effective cutting width 2200mm 3200mm 4200mm 5200mm 7200mm
Track length 12000mm
Effective cutting length 10000mm
Drive speed 50~6000mm/min 50~12000mm/min
Cutting torch Standard Qty:2pcs, extra optional torch to customers
Additional function option Auto height-adjusting automatic ignition powder marking torch plasma cutting water cooling initial fixed position borehole
Optional CNC system SH-2000H, FAGOR8035, Micro EDGE, EDGE Pro
Optional plasma cutting machine CUTMASTER A80/A120, AUTOCUT200, Powermax1000/1250/1650, MAX200

There are many characteristics of CNC flame plasma cutting machine. Firstly, the key components are all imported, to be more specific, control system is Hypertherm EDGE or Beijing Start, drive is from Panasonic servo motor and Neugart reducer is equipped in this machine. Besides that, aluminum alloy structure is adopted in lifting mechanism and oriented movement is through lifting and ball screw upgrade. The tracks are made of imported linear track and horizontal drive is precision rack and pinion transmission with seven level precision. Horizontal traack is made of linear guide track imported from Taiwan and vertical track is made ​​of precision processed characteristic rail to ensure smooth running of CNC flame plasma cutting machine. With heavy-duty gantry structure and joint venture torches and pneumatic systems are adopted. Deceleration is designed with planetary gear reducer so accuracy and balance of movement can be perfectly guaranteed.

CNC systems
Hypertherm EDGE Pro Haibao is designed for all cutting mainstream applications. With a lot of tools and technologies it is easy to integrate and very flexible. 15 inch touch screen, two operating sites and standard user operating panel are equipped in this device. With rich cutting functions and processing parameters, it is the best choice for you.meigongzhuyi

FAGOR8035 is developed by FAGOR. With high reliability, it occupies the world market. There are many features of this system, built-in PLC, Central control unit. Many options for customers to choose, automatic, manual, single-stage, theory, showing the number of editing, input/output, cutting compensation, parameter settings and so on. The system is equipped with 8 "color LCD display and a RS232 interface, it is the best choice for your work.

SH2200CNC is developed by Beijing Start. It is reliable, flexible and supportive. A variety of operating functions are available: automatic, manual, programming, parameter setting, diagnosis, file management, display real-time motion graphics, cutting nozzle and so on. The operation of the whole Chinese menu display is very convenient for needs of the market in China.

Plasma Power
The inverter plasma power manufactured by our company is a new generation of CNC plasma power and it can be customized according to your specific needs. With a small power supply noise, high efficiency, our product is the best choice for you.

System Configuration
Model Input power(KW) Cutting current (A) Gas type Cutting thickness under full load(mm)
Mild steel Stainless steel Aluminum
Powermax65 10 20-65 Compressed air 1-8 1-8 1-8
Powermax85 13.5 25-85 1-10 1-10 1-10
Powermax1650 19 30-100 1-13 1-13 1-13
MAX200/HT2000 35 40-200 Compressed air Optional:N2, Ar-H2 1-25 1-25 1-25
HSD130 High-speed plasma 30 45-130 Compressed air O2, N2, F5*, H35** 0.5-25 0.5-20 0.5-20
HPR130 fine plasma 32 30-130 Compressed air O2, F5*, H35** 0.5-25 0.5-20 0.5-20
HPR260 fine plasma 53 30-230 Compressed air O2, F5*, H35** 0.5-32 0.5-25 0.5-25
HPR400XD 91 30-400 Compressed air O2, N2, F5*, H35** 0.5-50 0.5-40 0.5-40
PA-S45W 38 45-130 Compressed air, optional:H35 5-35 5-35 5-35
PA-S70W 75 80-240 5-45 5-45 5-45
fine plasma 34 40-130 Compressed air Optional:N2, Ar-H2 5-20 5-20 5-20
fine plasma 83 80-300 5-40 5-40 5-40
F fine plasma 168 80-600 5-120 5-120 5-120
High-fine plasma 32 20-130 Compressed air, O2, N2, Ar-H2 0.5-25 0.5-25 0.5-25
High-fine plasma 38 10-160 0.5-30 0.5-30 0.5-30
High-fine plasma 76 10-280 0.5-35 0.5-35 0.5-35
High-fine plasma 100 10-360 0.5-40 0.5-40 0.5-40
Remarks:F5=95%N2,O2,AirH35=35%H2,65%Ar H17=35% H2,15%Ar,50%N2

Jing Gong Welding is a professional CNC flame plasma cutting machine manufacturer and supplier in China. Our wide range of products includes portable CNC flame plasma cutting machine, welding positioner, inverter DC arc welding machine, and more.

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