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Portable CNC Flame Plasma Cutting Machine

Portable CNC flame plasma cutting machine, with all the features of CNC gantry cutting machine, can be used as ideal replacement of semi-automatic gas cutting machine, shape cutting machine and car cutting trolley. This machine is exclusively designed as sheet metal cutting, and it is applicable to carbon steel, stainless steel and non-ferrous metal cutting. Because of its excellent performance in cutting of shaped pieces and mass production, portable CNC flame plasma cutting machine can be widely used in industries like machinery manufacturing, shipbuilding, pressure vessel, engineering machinery, mining machinery, power, bridge construction, steel, automobile manufacturing and large, medium and small factories and mines. Standard software of this machine is Fast CAM nesting software and this machine is compatible with Type3/Artcut6/Caxa/Auto CAD / Art CAM.

Detailed Specifications
Model HR-1020 HR-1225 HR-1530 HR-1630
Input power source 220±10%V AC 50Hz 220W
Cutting mode O2 / C3H8 or C2H2 , Plasma available
Effective cutting range 1000×2000mm 1250×2500mm 1500×3000mm 1600×3000mm
Track L × W × H 2500×273×60mm 3000×273×60mm 3500×273×60mm 3500×273×60mm
Track Holder Quantity 2 (L×W×H 500×80×40mm)
Beam section size 50×60mm
Cutting speed 50-2000 mm/min ( Max 4000mm/min)
Cutting thickness (Flame) 5-150mm
Cutting thickness(Plasma) In term of customer's plasma power source
Move precision Flame, electric height adjustment( ± 60mm )
Host weight 19kg
Gas pressure Max 0.1Mpa
Oxygen pressure Max 0.7Mpa
Type of gas Propane, acetylene

There are a variety of features of portable CNC flame plasma cutting machine. Firstly, because of small occupying area, easy to move and use, low cost, high level of automation, high reliability, easy operation and maintenance, this product can be used individually or in bulk to cut any shape parts. Secondly, special-designed integrated high-strength aluminum alloy material and internal strengthened structure are used in mechanical structure and this machine is treated by high-temperature oxidation wearing to avoid damage caused by long-running and wearing. Thirdly, with smooth and beautiful incision, the cutting precision of portable CNC flame plasma cutting machine is comparable with the CNC gantry cutting machine. Besides that, this machine is very stable because it has an effective shield against high-frequency plasma interference. As well as that, metal plates can be placed directly for cutting so cost is reduced and secondary processing is avoided, as a result ,the production efficiency can be increased by 3 to 7 times. Last but not least, intelligent digital control system and user-friendly man-machine interface are adopted in portable CNC flame plasma cutting machine, making it easy to manipulate.

There are two steps for operation of portable CNC flame plasma cutting machine. First, convert CAD drawing file to G-code, namely cutting path file, by nesting software. Second, copy the G code to the CNC system U disk and start cutting.

System Configuration
Functional items Basic Advanced
Power down and breakpoint protection memory, return at random, gun shift, cutting slot compensation, gun perforation stay, intelligent preheated time memory, random break-off , electric clutches switch, temperature-controlled fan, keyboard diagnosis
5.7 inch 320*240 high-resolution LCD, blue background and white text, Chinese/English menu system, U disk interface, import files
Dynamic/static graphic processing and display, arbitrarily set of starting speed, acceleration and deceleration time, real-time acceleration and deceleration
Supportive of the EIA code (G code) and other types of nesting software such as FastCAM
Oxygen gas, plasma and presentation modes with various processing parameters can meet the needs of different requirements
High-subdivision stepper motor driver, smooth movement, low noise and high accuracy
Multiple torch holder structure, standard electric height adjustment, three-way solenoid valve and flame cutting protective heat shield
All-steel and antimagnetic outside frame of host ensures reliable and stable operation of CNC system
Reserved plasma interface, compatible with various types plasma cutting machine and optional arc voltage automatic tracing function
High-speed 16 bits MCU --
ARM+DSP high-speed, high-precision interpolation control --
45 common graphics gallery (including the grid graphics) , set piece size and pore size are optional --
Graphic scale, rotation, mirror, matrix arrangement, steel plate correction --
Graphics zoom in/out, zoom in cut-off point under the dynamic tracking --
Customize the type of all input and output ports (normally open or normally closed) and the number --
Self-diagnosis system for all IO status and key status in order to facilitate inspection and troubleshooting --
Export files, parameter backup, date, week, the clock display --
Separately control oxygen gas from plasma IO, two grades preheat, three perforation; plasma arc voltage feedback, position feedback, automatic shut down arc voltage in the corner --
According to plate thickness, automatically limit speed in corner to effectively prevent over-burning --
Edge cutting, selected line and line number, offset cutting, to avoid waste of meal sheet caused by calculation errors --
The lines of max program 2000 10000

We are a specialized portable CNC flame plasma cutting machine manufacturer based in China. We offer an extensive line of products, including auto welding manipulator, inverter gas shielded welding machine, inverter DC pulse TIG welder, and more.

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