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  • General Level Inverter DC Arc Welding MachineGeneral level inverter DC arc welding machine uses switching power inverter technology, which improves the transfer efficiency of power supply. It is light and small, so you can carry it conveniently. Our product has well arc performance and anti-jamming capability. It employs advanced circuit design, so the welding arc is neat and quality. This machine can protect automatically if over-voltage or over-current.
  • Industrial Inverter DC Arc Welding MachineThis series of products has a total of seven models. They all make use of non-consumable electrode welding. There are a digital play of the welding current meter, a current knob and a arc force knob on the control panel, so this series of machines have the character of accurate and convenient regulation. The industrial inverter DC arc welding machine can be widely used for welding in chemical industry, automotive industry, shipbuilding, boiler making, aerospace industry, industrial installation and fieldwork.

We can provide you with inverter DC arc welding machine. This product has 11 models in total. And all of these models are divided into two series, they are general and industrial level. This product adopts more reasonable all-welded design. So it can adapt to a variety of work environment with sturdy box-type structure. It can weld nearly all kinds of ferrous metal, such as mild steel, high-tensile steel, copper, titanium, etc. It can be widely used for the welding operations of petrochemical industry, railway, bridge, architectural construction and industry manufacture.

This IGBT inverter DC arc welding machine makes use of PWM to commutate the three-phase or single-phase industrial AC into smooth DC. Then the smooth DC will be changed into hundreds of KHz AC by inverter circuit which composed of high-power electronic switching device and insulated gate bipolar transistor (IGBT). And this AC should be rectified and filtered after reduced voltage, thus the welding machine can get more smooth DC. The conversion efficiency of electric current is as high as 85%. In this way, the size and weight of the power is reduced, and energy loss is reduced too, which can save about 40% of the usage charges. And what's more, our machine can complete the adjustment between output and input charge in micro-second time. This series product also has the function of arc force, which can ensure the quality of welding. So choosing this product can bring you a perfect effect of welding.

Jing Gong Welding is an experienced inverter DC arc welding machine manufacturer and supplier in China. We provide various types of products such as industrial inverter DC arc welding machine, welding rotator, and inverter gas shielded welding machine.

Other Products
  • General Inverter DC TIG Welding MachineGeneral inverter DC TIG welding machine adopts IGBT inverter DC technique. This series has four model, they are TIG-160, TIG-200, TIG-250 and TIG-300. The number after the "Arc" of the product name means maximum output current. Its structure is compact, it is light and small. So it is easy to move. It can bring you high work efficiency. And because of its perfect panel design, you can communicate with the machine conveniently.
  • Industrial TIG Welding MachineWe can provide you with 6 models of industrial TIG welding machine. This series machine is generally greater than the civilian level models at dimension and weight. In order to improve its removability capacity, we set two handles on the top and four trundles in the bottom of the machine. The welding thickness of the plate is 0.5-10mm.