Inverter DC Arc Welding Machine

Inverter DC Arc Welding Machine

Arc-200 inverter DC arc welding machine uses voltaic arc as heat source to weld. You should operate the welding rod by hand and adopt shielded metal arc welding to weld by this product. And the diameter of welding rod is 1.6-4mm. Our product is suitable for constructional engineering, house decoration and industrial processing and manufacturing.

Compared with Are-160 type machine, they are exactly the same in shape, but Arc-200 inverter DC arc welding machine is a little heavy and its rate input power capacity is bigger. This machine's range of output current is from 20A to 200A. In addition, its protection class is IP21S, it can prevent the medium-sized solid from invading inside. And its performance won't be affected when the water dropped on its shell.

Parameters of Arc-200 Inverter DC Arc Welding Machine
Input power voltage: AC220V (single phase) ± 10%
Rate input power capacity: 7 KVA
Input voltage frequency: 50/60HZ
No-load voltage: 80V
Output current range: 20-200A
Rated output voltage: 28V
Duty cycle: 60%
No-load loss: 40W
Efficiency: 80%
Power Factor: 0.85
Insulation class: F
Protection class: IP21S
Diameter of welding rod: 1.6-4mm
N.W.: 8kg
Dimension (L×W×H): 380×180×330mm

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Other Products
  • Arc-250 Inverter DC Arc Welding MachineArc-250 inverter DC arc welding machine adopts inverter technology. In this way, even grid voltage fluctuates and arc length changes, the machine can still get smooth welding current. The weight of this product is twice as Arc-160 type machine. Besides it make use of soft switching technology to reduce no-load loss. Thus it can save energy by 1/3 of traditional welding machine and also save costs of production.
  • Arc-300 Inverter DC Arc Welding MachineArc-300 inverter DC arc welding machine has the largest output current range from 20A to 300A. On its control panel, there are two knobs, one is welding current knob, another is arc force knob and the arc force is 0-10A. Above them, there are three indicator lamp, they are green power indicator, yellow overload indicator and red overcurrent indicator. These lamps can ensure the machine work in safe.